Top 10 Wackiest Holidays in June

June Holidays

The month of June is host to the holiday of Ramadan, but it’s also host to a number of much lesser known holidays as well.  This week, we’re counting down the 10 most wacky and bizarre holidays that take place in the month of June.



10)  DARE DAY (June 1st)

Believed to have originated in Dare County, England, Dare Day consists of exactly what you might expect: daring your friends and family members into any number of preposterous things.  If you’re feeling particularly outrageous, you can “double dog dare” or “triple dog dare” someone; the highest levels of dare possible.  As always, it’s best to err on the side of safety to make Dare Day a fun one!




You might not need another reason to eat ice cream during the month of June, but if so, you can fall back on National Rocky Road Day.  No doubt concocted by the ice cream companies themselves, it’s still a great excuse to go down and buy a tub of this delicious ice cream.  Top it off with nuts, marshmallows or chocolate chunks for an extra-special day of celebration!



8)  HUG YOUR CAT DAY (June 4th)

June is host to the National Adopt A Cat month, so it only makes sense to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day at the same time.  If you’re a cat lover, then this should come easy, but it’s another opportunity to show your cat a bit of extra love.  Consider treating them with a can of tuna, as well.




Iced Tea is delicious, and on a hot summer day, you just can’t get enough!  Celebrate the greatness of iced tea on this day, and enjoy all the benefits of this drink, including treatment for stomach ailments, sore throats, and heart disease avoidance.  You can thank Richard Blechynden, a plantation owner for the creation of iced tea in 1904, when he poured his tea into ice and served it cold to his visitors.  The rest is history.




A wonderful holiday for the chronically neurotic and paranoid, International Panic Day gives you carte blanché to freak out about anything your little heart desires.  The perfect outlet for the Armageddonist in all of us!



5)  NATIONAL HOLLERIN’ CONTEST DAY (third Saturday in June)

Head on down to Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina, where as many as 10,000 people get together to holler their lungs out in the hopes of winning this most bizarre of contests.  Just remember to do some vocal warmup exercises first……….and don’t forget a pack of Halls for the trip home!




Take it down a notch on World Sauntering Day, where you are expected to make it from point A to B in the most relaxed and casual manner possible.  It was created by W.T. Rabe at Mackinac Island, Michigan in the 1970s.  Rabe was well known for publicity stunts.  Sauntering is best described as “walking slowly, happily and aimlessly,” so be sure to take a day off from work and clear your schedule in advance.  You might need it!




Believed to have originated from President Reagan’s presidential proclamation about the wonders of farm-raised catfish in 1987, this bizarre day allows everyone to explore the delicacy of catfish, and the many ways you can eat it.  They might look weird, but apparently they taste great, so grab your rod and tackle box, and head down to the lake.  If anything, it’ll give you a great day of fishing!



2)  BEAUTICIAN’S DAY (June 26th)

The ultimate holiday for the vain and pretentious, Beautician’s Day gives thanks to those who work so tirelessly to turn you from stunning to gorgeous.  Thank your hair stylist, manicurist, makeup specialist or fashion mentor, and spend the day basking in the glow of your own magnificence, while showing them a little love on the side.  To be fair, there is evidence to suggest that Beautician’s Day allows these same individuals to thank their customers, as well.



1)  WAFFLE IRON DAY (June 29th)

It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate this most life-changing kitchen gadget, and serve up some waffles for you and your family.  Ironically, the waffle iron dates back as far as Greece during the 1300s, who cooked flat cakes between two metal pans before adorning it with cheeses and herbs.  If you’re a waffle fanatic, you know what to do.  If you’re a casual waffle maker, then dust off your waffle iron and get ready.  If you’ve never cooked a waffle in your life, then what’s stopping you?


We hope you had fun reading about these wacky June holidays.  We sure did get a kick out of discovering them!

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